Wheat Polugar is made by triple distillation of home brew made of malted and non-malted wheat grain in a copper still. The third distillation is followed by the labour-intensive and expensive egg white purification process (which was very popular in wealthy Russian upper-class estates in the 18th century) and then a long purification of the distillate using birch charcoal.

Aroma: mild, rounded, light and delicate. Warm wheat crumb, grain and bread notes, hay, dry grass, slightly salty, pickled cabbage, semisweet-honey note in background.

Taste: mild, direct, clean, complex, measured and gourmet. Slightly salty-grassy nuances dominated by kalach and white bread. The taste attracts with its velvetiness, flowery-fruity tones and play on the tongue – elegant bitterness competes with spice tones, later the bitterness gradually disappears and is replaced by a bright, persistent bread tone.

Aftertaste: light and mild aftertaste with notes of grains, moist wheat grain and white bread.

Recommendations: wonderful celebratory drink, light, drinkable, with meals, makes you want to drink it again and is never boring. Recommended combinations: sour cabbage soups, pickle soup, solyanka, sauerkraut, salt-cured foods, borscht, mushroom roulades with cranberry sauce, ukha, oily fish, buzhenina, roast or stewed pork, lamb, ham hock, white meat, fish, mashed potatoes with butter, vegetable cream soup, soups, pelmeni in bouillon, lamb dumplings, humus and black bread with lard. Good for a drink by yourself, or with friends. Universal beverage. Cool slightly.