POLUGAR №10 (Old Russian Gin)

POLUGAR №10 (Old Russian Gin)

Produced by classic recipe flavored vodkas of Russian nobility of the XIX century: triple distillation mash of rye and wheat in the traditional copper alembic. Before the third distillation is added a unique botanical composition: wild berries of juniper, coriander, cumin, fennel, thyme, black cardamom, lemon peel, angelica root, licorice root, orris root, fennel seeds, cinnamon, calamus, cloves, almonds, young pine cones, basil, cranberry, lingonberry and cloudberry. Also involved in the distillation of 12 Siberian herbs and roots that are unique secret ingredients of private distillery "Rodionov and sons." Produced prolonged purification by birch charcoal.

Taste: refreshing, spicy, bright and saturated. Taste of fragrant juniper, fragrant Siberian herbs, rare spices, wild flowers, wheat and rye bread. Felt the notes field of cereals, homemade pastries and fresh notes of taiga forest.

Aroma: fresh, pleasant, spruce, Christmas tree, rainy pine forest, intense, juniper and citrus notes, grassy, Laurel seeds, fresh needles, conifer resin. 

Finish: Medium, soft, slightly sweet with pine shade and herbs

Recommendations: Recommended for cocktails and good with food: fries with herbs, wild game, steaks, quail, baked potatoes, smoked fish, mushrooms, forest berries, marshmallows.