POLUGAR №6 (Pepper)

POLUGAR №6 (Pepper)

Produced from rye and wheat grains by classic method of the XIX century in the Russian traditional copper pot still. During third distillation we add the chili peppers. Prolonged purification by birch charcoal.

Aroma:  interesting, warm, inviting, paprika and fresh bread, cooking, gently peppery tones, notes of butter, discreet spices, essential oils. 

Taste: spicy, warming and rich, fragrant taste of slightly burning hot pepper, wheat and rye bread. You feel the notes of spices, seasonings, meadow grasses and home baked bread.

Finish: medium, warming, a little tangy, sweet-bread, spicy, with a pronounced pepper. 

Recommendations: It is great for sipping as well as mixing in cocktails.