KRIVATCH 41 (Four Grains Malt)

KRIVATCH 41 (Four Grains Malt)

The "younger brother" of the popular Krivatch 61 is produced by triple-distilling a home brew of four malted grains typical of the Russian Empire – rye, wheat, oats and barley. This unique combination of four different grains creates a soft, complex and noble bouquet where the nuances of each type of grain make a distinctive contribution to the rich palette of bread-like flavours. The distillate is purified by the traditional method using egg white and birch charcoal. Krivatch 41 was created for true gourmets who not only appreciate the rich taste of rare single malt whisky and other distilled spirits, but also treasure the sophisticated flavour notes of ultra-premium vodkas.

Aroma: soft, light, fresh, open, bright. Bread with a veil of honey-flower tones, light maltiness and an aroma of preserved apple, with sweet notes of chocolate and hard-boiled sweets.

Taste: soft, fresh, easy to drink, alcohol content not noticeable. The temperament comes through immediately. The notes of grains and herbs interweave in a complex, luxurious bouquet with the tones rising and replacing one another.  Full-bodied, pleasant and solid taste, does not burn. Tones in the taste are conducive to a prolonged celebration.

Aftertaste: fresh, clean, soft, pleasant, airy, complex and embracing. There is a characteristic prolonged slight bitterness, partially combined with a slightly tangy rye crust. Notes of pepper develop in the aftertaste. It is evanescent and perfectly suited to a good appetizer.

Recommendations: a truly gourmet drink, interesting, refined and delicious. It has a distinctive character. The solidity of Krivatch 41 goes very well with sablefish, game, wild boar, stroganina, pork, shish kebab, chicken tabaka, goulash and stewed meat. It can be cooled slightly before serving.