POLUGAR №4 (Honey & Allspice)

POLUGAR №4 (Honey & Allspice)

Traditional upper-class recipe of the 19th century: triple distillation of home brew made of rye and wheat in a copper still, aromatic and hot pepper added before the third distillation, carefully purified using birch charcoal, honey added.

Aroma: sophisticated, delicate, pleasant sweet aroma of aromatic pepper and meadow honey, white flower tone, spices, white pepper notes, bay leaf, pickling brine, salt-cured products, herbs and spices in brine, peaches, apricots, cinnamon, pepper, dried parsley, bay leaf, ginger, hint of basil and nutmeg, warm bread.

Taste: tender, embracing, spiced, refined, with pleasant hotness. Honey, rum, sweet sugar syrup, pepper and other spices, dill, ginger, sweets, rye crust, rye bread. Enticed by mint notes and fine notes of pickle.

Aftertaste: rounded, mild, sweet: honey, spices, ginger, nutmeg, rye crust.

Recommendations: gourmet beverage, an aroma that just makes you want to invite friends over. Good with meals, full-flavoured hot dishes and filling appetizers, enhances the taste of lunch or dinner. Excellent alcoholic "spice" that can complement many dishes: mashed potatoes, crab cakes, baked white fish, dorado, fish soup, simmered rich ukha, osetra, roast leg of lamb with spices. Good with any spicy, full-flavoured dishes and as an aperitif. Outstanding "winter" version.